Become an Ally

Your participation as a SafeZone Ally sends a strong message to the campus community that you support a safe and inclusive campus, and understand issues facing the LGBTQAI community.  Each semester, faculty, students, and staff are invited to become a SafeZone Ally.  All interested parties are invited to attend an information workshop.  The SafeZone Ally then displays the SafeZone symbol to help create a more inclusive campus environment.
Anyone interested in becoming a SafeZone Ally may contact or call 856-225-6050.  You are encouraged to schedule a workshop for your campus student group, faculty or staff departments.
Schedule a SafeZone Workshop for your department, class or student group - email 
A list of current Allies can be found in the resources section.
What is a SafeZone Ally?
An Ally is any student, staff, or faculty member who shows support of the LGBTQAI community by displaying the SafeZone logo. Allies have attended a SafeZone workshop to learn about issues facing the LGBTQAI community and discover ways they can be supportive. Allies are not experts or counselors.
By choosing to be an Ally, they have agreed to:

  • Help create an inclusive environment and welcome individuals to talk openly about being lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, questioning, asexual or intersex;
  • Listen attentively and respect an individual’s values and decisions;
  • Address concerns of inappropriate materials, language, jokes, and incidents that have a negative impact;
  • Encourage acts of bias to be reported;
  • Use inclusive language and refrain from offensive language;
  • Display an open and willing attitude to learn about resources and campus organizations; and
  • Continue to educate themselves about the LGBTQAI community.

*Trans - The preferred umbrella term used to describe anyone whose gender identity or gender expression does not fit with society's fixed binary view or their assigned sex